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I don’t know what to do…

Six months ago, I found out my boyfriend was being unfaithful to me. He wasn’t physically, but he had flirted with a girl (who was maybe four years younger than him) for approximately eight months according to him, made her believe they were “best friends,” asked her out to apparently see what her reaction would be, and pretended to care for her simply for the attention. She praised him, was ignorant to his faults, and he loved that. I was actually suspicious only a week before I saw the evidence myself. When I was suspicious, he flat out lied. I was going to end it for good when I found out because of the unfaithfulness and loss of respect I had because he ended up hurting the other girl terribly but he ended up crying when i threatened to leave and I unfortunately love him, so I decided to give him a chance. Since then, I have found out about countless more lies throughout the years we were together and he flirted with four other girls again on the internet because he felt lonely. This isn’t really detailed and he does have a legitimate problem because of the lack of attention he recieved as a child, but for my own sake, should I continue trying to make us work? This isn’t the only problem between us either. There is a lot and I don’t know if I can wait until he overcomes his problems and refrains from being a compulsive liar. I want to continue to try, but is breaking it off permanently and moving on the best decision to make at this point?

  1. postcardsfromcourtney answered: I would break it off. I know it’s hard and you feel as if you’re in love with him but, it’s best, he needs to grow up
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